Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Brief Stint with JewelMint

Ok so I must admit that I became quite spoiled with the monthly gift boxes from Birchbox, although I later cancelled my subscription. Even with a monthly fee, there is something satisfying about getting new things every month. With that said, I was once again suckered into signing up with JewelMint. Jewelmint is a site that offers different pieces of jewelry each month for $29. In that month's fee you will receive ONE piece of jewelry of your choice.

I love costume jewelry! I actually prefer it over being drenched in diamonds. However, $29 is rather steep for ONE piece of costume jewelry. Well let me rephrase- $29 is steep for not-so-cool pieces. You have the option to skip a month, in which they will not charge your card. However, I have not been succcessful in fully cancelling. I MUST make that a priority this week.

These sites have great concepts, but it gets rather boring after some time. Here are the items that I received in my 3-month membership.

I absolutely adore their packaging!

Their selections are usually just OK, nothing I would be anxious to purchase in a store.