Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Article: The Importance of Physical Activity During Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as an introduction to my new section on Health, I am happy to feature an article by guest Author David Haas.

The Importance of Physical Activity During Cancer

For decades, the prevailing belief in the medical community was that exercise was unhealthy, even detrimental, for people suffering from cancer. In recent years, however, numerous studies have provided irrefutable evidence that that the exact opposite is true. Exercise is absolutely extremely useful to people undergoing treatment for cancer. Exercise after cancer is just as important, and is associated with a significant decrease in the likelihood of recurrence.

The benefits of beginning or maintaining physical activity during cancer treatment are numerous, and can have a profound impact. The natural mood enhancing effects of exercise help to foster a positive attitude, keep depression at bay and improve quality of life. Engaging in regular physical activity has been reported to fight the more unpleasant side effects of treatment, such as nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite and aches and pains. It has also been shown that increased energy levels may make treatment more effective.

Consistent physical activity boosts the immune system, allowing the body an opportunity to fight against the cancer in a natural way. This increase in immunity is especially important for people who undergo radiation, since they tend to have compromised immune systems. This may also help with postoperative recovery and to reduce the possibility of subsequent infection.

Another huge benefit of exercising is weight loss. Excess weight is not only linked to several types of cancer on its own, but it makes the recurrence of cancer far more likely. Patients with hormone-based cancers usually suffer from weight gain, and can benefit greatly from staying active.

Physical activity is not without its benefits during treatment as it helps the body to adapt to using a single lung and increases the efficiency of oxygen use. Patients with mesothelioma are not likely to be able to engage in the same intensity or types of exercise as people with common types of cancer like breast cancer, but they can still engage in light activity like walking and yoga.

It is recommended that any exercise be of moderate or light intensity. Vigorous exercise strains the body and may exacerbate side effects, as well as suppressing the immune system. Although physical activity shows the most benefit in the early stages of cancer, it still helps late stage patients stay independent longer while providing feelings of well being.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Anatomy of Building a Brand: The Wonderful World of Marketing

MARKETING is the battery that keeps your business running. Now that you've selected the perfect business name and logo, it's time to present your masterpiece to the world. Here are a couple of strategies to get your company out to the right audience.

1. Marketing materials is a MUST: Often times when professionals create their business budget, they tend to put the least amount of money into marketing. You will need to start with business cards, postcards/flyers, and a website. Other things such as stickers, buttons, pens, car wraps, etc, can be purchased when you become more established.

2. Reach out to Bloggers: Business owners are starting to rely on bloggers to test their products and services, and then report their opinions to millions of visitors. Find a list of blogs related to your business topic and offer to send your item or service for exposure on their blog. Make sure you are 100% prepared to showcase your business to the world, because bloggers are giving their honest opinions to millions of viewers.

3. FREE .99: Consumers LOVE to get things for free. It can be something that they don't need or will never use, but they want it anyway. Offer something for free with your services. How many times have you gone to a sandwich shop to eat just to get your card stamped? You know that after the 8th sandwich, the 9th one will be free. Sometimes my goal is to get the free sandwich, even though I've already spent money buying 8. The point is that it makes me anticipate the free item. Put that same anticipation into your clients, and offer something for free with your services.

4. Run Contest: Holding contests is a great way to bring attention to your company. Again, you are giving your consumers something to anticipate...A PRIZE. Carefully think out your contest and be sure to provide clear details. My clients, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Ashley & JaQuavis are famous for their contest when releasing a new novel. The contests usually mandates the contestants to do something on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. With the right strategy, this can become one of the easiest ways to market your business because you are letting your contestants market for you.

5. Become Your Own Walking Billboard: Aside from the marketing materials that I listed above, it would also be wise to invest in items such as t-shirts, tote bags, umbrellas, etc. Whenever I do makeup at an event, wedding, or any place where there will be a lot of people, I wear a t-shirt with my logo and web address on it. If you do your local traveling on public transportation, carry a tote bag or umbrella with your business information on it. You want your logo and company info visible to as many people as possible.

6. Sponsorship: This is a great way to expose your business to a broad audience as well as give back. As a sponsor your logo and business information is usually placed on banners, programs, giveaway bags, etc. Of course your objective as a business owner is to make money, however donating your services can double your exposure for a good cause.

Hopefully this series of tips have been helpful to you. Please feel free to leave feedback below on other methods that you use to market your company.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Beauty Brands Pair up with Breast Cancer Research Foundation for BC Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Every year, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation partners with a variety of companies to produce special products to encourage the public to shop pink for the cure. Below are some of the most adorable items on sale this month.

Skincare Brush - BCA PinkClarisonic Skincare Brush - BCA Pink: With every Pink Clarisonic purchase, Sephora will make a donation to help fund the fight against breast cancer.

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Pink Ribbon Collection. The set features Pink Lip Color and Bellini High Shimmer Lip Gloss
With each purchase, $10 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®

Dogeared 'Give Better - Wish for a Cure' Necklace:
Dogeared will donate a percentage of net profits from every necklace purchased toward fighting breast cancer, supporting groundbreaking efforts by top experts in cancer research.


Sonia Kashuk Breast Cancer Awareness Proudly Pink Brush set - 6 piece set:

Movado 'Small Bold - Breast Cancer Awareness' Watch (Limited Edition):
Movado will donate $50 from every watch purchased to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, up to a maximum donation of $15,000.