Thursday, April 21, 2011

4 Inspirational Reads for Women Aspiring to become Entrepreneurs

Positivity reinforcement is a necessity when making power moves such as Entrepreneurship. I am a strong believer in thoughts becoming things. As long as you are taking in positive thoughts, you will attract greatness and prosperity. I've put together a short list of books that have empowered me along the way. Remember, you ARE what you read!

Fabulosity: What It Is & How to Get It
Fabulosity: What It Is & How to Get It
A lifestyle guide from one of pop culture's most inspirational, stylish, and refreshingly unconventional female power players. At thirty, beauty icon Kimora Lee Simmons is the mistress of her own empire of lifestyle brands, half of one of America's wealthiest couples, mother to two young daughters, and a glamorous staple of the social circuit. Now, in this uplifting and inspiring book, Simmons spills her secrets of how women can use their smarts to build a rich and satisfying life full of success, fun, and, yes, a bit of blinding bling, the "Fabulosity" that every woman deserves. Simmons explains how to balance feminine, stop-them-in-their-tracks glamour with sign-on-the-dotted-line business power; how to get past barriers that exist because of gender, race, or age; how to find a marriageable man who'll support your biggest dreams (while keeping other women at bay); and how to have the most fun of your life while doing it! She gives hundreds of insider tips on fashion, beauty, home decorating, and socializing and explains how she succeeded in business with little formal experience, building a $70 million business out of a T-shirt. Packed with anecdotes and first-person experiences from the catwalks of Paris to P. Diddy's parties, "Fabulosity" takes readers behind the scenes of this diva's diverse, action-packed life and offers insights on how any woman can channel her own "high-profile personality" and creative power, no matter what her own goals may be.  (For more information)

Success Never Smelled So Sweet: How I Followed My Nose and Found My Passion
The creator of Carol’s Daughter, a bath-and-beauty-products company, presents her life story, along with aromatherapy recipes, in this lightly enjoyable read. Price grew up in a loving, strict African-American family in Brooklyn and later pursued careers in singing and television. She also ran up huge credit card debt, and wound up owing the IRS tens of thousands of dollars—at 28, she was forced to declare bankruptcy. It’s undeniably fascinating to learn how, a few years later, she managed to start Carol’s Daughter with $100 in cash; she slowly built the company—without loans or credit—until she paid off her enormous debt. With such an honest and inspiring tale to tell, it’s unfortunate that Price devotes so much of her time to describing celebrities she’s met along her road to success. A brief encounter with Prince gets a whole page, for example, but her decision to declare bankruptcy takes up little more than a paragraph. Readers might also raise an eyebrow at Price’s repeated belief that "God is in my corner" and that He employs Oprah and other celebrities as messengers to ensure that Price’s business continues to thrive. While Price does seem to be unusually blessed, this materialistic spirituality undercuts a potentially empowering message about discipline and entrepreneurship. (For more information)

Get Yours!: How to Have Everything You Ever Dreamed of and More

According to journalist and editor Barnett, living out a success trifecta (motherhood, marriage, career) isn't as easy as it looks. Having faced her share of sadness-from death and divorce to dead-end jobs and cheating men-Barrett chronicles her turn from despair to dedication on the path to becoming the first African-American woman to run a major mainstream magazine (recently shuttered Teen People). Eager to share the precepts that govern her productive, gratifying life, Barnett fills this book with sisterly advice; "Realize your value and demand the best" is easily the most pivotal of these tips, which also cover friendship, family, career, style, financial security, personal space, men, creativity and spirituality. Concrete steps point readers toward self-confidence and success: face your fears and "embrace them as a chance for growth" by "composing a list of 10 things that scare you"; keep family close by sending out a newsletter, or devoting one full day a month to them. Unfortunately, clich├ęs outnumber innovative ideas, though personal anecdotes and celebrity Q&As (including Gayle King, Kelly Rowland and Venus Williams) prove revealing and encouraging. A fun, knowing and star-studded guide to success, this self-help is suitable for readers at any stage of life. (For More Information)
Tapping the Power Within: A Path to Self-Empowerment for Women

 The revised and expanded 20th-anniversary edition of Iyanla Vanzant’s first published work offers a powerful path to self-empowerment through the revitalization of one’s spiritual and ancestral roots. Written with Iyanla’s signature healing stories, this classic guide to uniting the will with the spirit teaches that only you have the power to make a change for the better. With chapters on basic breathing and meditation techniques, setting up a home altar, connecting with ancestors and guardian spirits, and the extraordinary power of forgiveness, this book is a perfect companion on the way toward the real you. (For more information)
How do you uncover and develop your own special talents? Kimora shares her step-by-step guide to achieving your wildest dreams, including her 16 laws of success, which cover everything you need to become the woman you want to be.

Whether you’re college-educated or street smart, just starting out or at the top of your game, Fabulosity has something to say to you. Learn how to cultivate Power, Independence, Confidence, and Positivity in everything you do, whether it’s finding Mr. Right, snagging that corner office, or rocking the latest fashion trend. Packed with useful lessons and Kimora’s personal tips, this book will be your instruction manual to empowering yourself, turning your individual talents into permanent success, and unleashing your inner fabulosity. (For more information)

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