Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The PERFECT Oil for People who don’t like Oil

14. Apr, 2011 | BEAUTY 0
 I’ve been struggling for so long to find the right hair products, one being a great oil. I’ve spent so much money on different oils only to get the same results – heavy motionless hair. I don’t like my hair being weighed down. I like for it to bounce when I walk and flap in the wind, all while being shiny.

I worked with a lovely model last week and her hair was noticeably shiny and it still had great movement. She told me that she used MoroccanOil. I was also shocked to hear that she only put it in while her hair was wet and then proceeded to styling without adding more oil. Me being the product junkie that I am went to the nearest Beauty Supply store where I had seen the brand before. The price was a little steep ($40) but visions of her sheen danced in my head, so I couldn’t resist. I did like the instructions said, which was to apply to wet hair after conditioning. The oil doesn’t feel like you’re regular oil. It has a silicon feel to it.  After I blow-dried and flat ironed, my hair was extremely soft and super shiny. I wanted to wait until the middle of the week to write a review to see if the shine lasted — AND IT DID! I love love love that this oil did not weigh my hair down at all. My search is officially over!

The oil has a very pleasant small and it came with a pump which is very convenient. The only con is that the container is glass and that’s not good for those that are clumsy like myself. I may try to transfer it to a plastic bottle. In any event, SO worth the money. I love it and will use it forever.
(Hair after using Moroccanoil 5 days ago. )

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