Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summerize your Foundation

As the seasons change so should some of your skincare routines and products. Winter skin can bare more products. With heat and sweat from the summer, the skin is more prone to irritation. So your products and applications should be much lighter. If you've ever noticed, a lot of makeup lines advertise tinted moisturizer more in the spring and summer. That is much better than wearing foundation in it's regular form. It's much lighter and healthier. I usually make my own when the hot months hit. Here is what I do:

(left to right: MAC Fix+ Spray, Revlon ColorStay in #400 Caramel, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer)

I mix a small amount of foundation with an equal amount of facial moisturizer. The moisturizer won't change the foundation tint, it's just changing the coverage. Usually when I apply my moisturizer my face is still damp from the shower or washing it. But since I'm treating this as makeup, I wait until I have taken care of my body and dress, etc. By the time I'm ready for makeup my face is no longer damp. First I lightly spray my face with MAC's Fix+ Spray, which is a skin refresher and finisher. And then I proceed with the tinted moisturizer, and apply a finishing powder in my T-Zone. The moisturizer added will give off a beautiful summer dewy look. Be sure to travel with blot paper and/or powder if you have oily skin.  

**IMPORTANT: If you are shopping for a moisturizer or foundation during the spring/summer I suggest getting one that contains SPF.

**You can make your own facial refresher by boiling a couple of pure green tea bags, refrigerate and place in a spray bottle. Or if you insist on buying a spray, Sephora sells a much cheaper product than MAC. Evian Mineral Spray for $10 here.

The foundation (left) in it's regular form is clearly thick and will provide a heavy coverage. The tinted moisturizer (right) still provides coverage, as well as a nice glow.

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