Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 Reasons Why Your Face could be DRY

Unfortunately most of us were born with dry skin. Although it may not be curable, there are many things in your daily regimen that could be making your skin worse.

-Think of your skin as a piece of tissue. If you applied a drop of moisturizer onto a piece of dry tissue, more than likely it will just sit on top. But if you applied a drop of moisturizer onto a damp piece of tissue, it will come through onto the other side as well. That’s exactly how your skin works. The moisturizer is trapping the moisture into your skin. So after washing your face, pat a little but keep it damp and then immediately put on your moisturer. If your face has dried before you could put the moisturizer back on, simply use a spray bottle of water or just splash your face.

-DO NOT put hot water on your face. I know that seems impossible while taking a hot bath or shower. When I’m taking a shower, I wash my face last to allow the steam to open up my pores and because I make the water cooler when washing my face. If your body can withstand the cooler water then wash your face at the sink. If you are taking a bath, wash your face at a sink or run cooler water into your hands to wet and rinse. Hot water is drying and it leaves the pores OPEN. Open pores are just as bad as walking around with an open wound. And open pores stretch, which causes rough areas on your face.

-You should DROP THE SOAP. Soap is not meant for the face. Soap strips away layers of natural oils that your face needs. Always remember that the skin on your body and face are different. The skin on your face is thin and delicate and requires a little more TLC. Go to your nearest drug store or department store to get a facial wash.

There are many reasons why your skin can be dry, but these simple mistakes are things that we usually don’t think would contribute to the problem. Try these steps and let me know if you see a difference.

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