Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Latest Obsession with NYX Lip Liners

My lastest obsession has began with lip liners by NYX. Not only are they $1.99, but they are so pigmented and creamy. My MAC and Revlon lip liners get so dry after a couple of uses. The NYX liners have definitely become my go-to liner. Here are the colors that I have picked up so far. I would like a nice purple one as well.

(Top to bottom) Hot Red, Fushia, Pinky, Rose, Tangerine, Coral
Here they are swatched

(Bottom to Top) Hot Red, Fushia, Pinky, Rose, Tangerine, Coral
Fushia and Pinky look alike a little but the Fushia is a little more dark. Between Coral and Tangerine, the Tangerine is more frosty.

Overall, I love these liners and will definitely be picking up more. I love a liner that I can use on the entire lip. That is hard to do with MAC liners because they are so dry. NYX liners can be found in any beauty supply store. Let me know what colors are on your wishlist!

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