Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Diary, How can I Maintain Good Karma?

When you think of Karma, do you think of bad karma first - What comes around goes around? Do you find that you are always involved in bad situations? Karma is simply the process of cause and effect. If you do Y then Z will happen. Until you learn a lesson, you will continue to receive the same message through repeated experiences. If you are constantly receiving negativity then it is time to practice good karma.

Now practicing good karma does not mean you will be shielded from all bad things or life's natural disasters. Karma is activated through things that you control such as thoughts and actions. I have listed a few methods of maintaining good karma, but please remember that your heart and mind must all be on the same page as well.

-Give back: Once a month or a few times a year, find a charity or volunteer event that you can participate in. Giving back for a cause is a great selfless way to help many people at one time.

-Reach out to Someone You May Have Hurt: You may have had an altercation or a fall-out with someone years ago. Although you may say you're over it, there are still lingering issues that keep it open as an "issue". If you saw this person on the street, you would probably be reluctant to speak. You are over it verbally but not mentally. Reach out to that person to clear the air, explain your side, or even apologize for your part in the problem. Don't worry about what the person will say or think. Your purpose is to clear your wrong-doing in the past.

-Have General Respect for People: Often times we treat people according to what they look like, how they dress, or what they have. If you have a general respect for human life then none of those things should control how you treat someone initially. Smile at a homeless man the same way you would at a successful businessman.

-Share your knowledge: Be open to helping someone get to a higher place. Withholding knowledge or information because you want to be higher is only activating bad karma. I'm not saying that you have to give someone your business plan or blue print to success. But at least lead them to similar resources to get them started. A lot of people withhold information because they are intimidated by the possible competition. Just remember that no matter how much information or knowledge someone has, talent can not be mimicked. Don't worry, you will still stand out!

-Make sure your intentions are TRUE: We can manipulate other people, but you cannot manipulate karma. When doing something positive, always make sure your intentions are true. Sometimes when I donate items or participate in a charity I ignore the part about writing it off on your taxes. To me that is contradicting doing a good deed.

-Remember that YOU control your Karma: Have you ever gotten in the line of a rude and nasty cashier and you ended up giving her the same attitude in return? Well by doing that you gave her total control of yourself and your future. Learn to smile and remain calm despite of what is given to you by someone else. You cannot fix a person's attitude within the short minutes of you being in their presence, so don't even try to. That is either their personality or they have something going on in their lives. Don't let their energy become yours.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences of good karma.

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