Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun & Easy Tattoo Nail Art using Magazine Pages

Save yourself a trip to the salon by doing your own nail art at home using magazine pages.

What you will need:
-Colored Base of choice
-Clear nail base
-50% Rubbing Alchol
-Cotton balls
-Fingernail Polish Remover

1.)Paint nail with a clear base and then coat with your base color.
2.) Allow 3 minutes drying time
3.) Wet your nail with alcohol using a cotton ball
4.) Take a pattern from a magazine page and cover the nail. Wet the page over the nail with alcohol using a cotton ball. Let the alcohol sit over the page and nail for a minute or two.
5.) Peel the page off the nail slowly and coat with a clear base.
6.) Take a Q-tip and polish remover to wipe of any ink that may have gotten on your skin.

I chose to use the pattern of a Balenciaga runway dress
I would love to share your creation with my viewers. Please email an image to


  1. Vida I love this look you are so creative I am going to try this..

    Keep up the GREAT WORK girly!!

  2. Thank you Michelle!!! Be sure to send an image of your creation so I can share with my blog viewers.