Friday, May 27, 2011

TOP Apps for Entrepreneurs

Below is a list of some of the most productive iphone and ipad apps that can be very useful to your day-to-day duties as a business owner.

Dragon Dictation: This app allows you to speak your text or email messages onto your device.

ScanBizCards Lite Business Card Scanner: Why carry around a bunch of business cards if you don't have to. This app allows you to scan in business cards to store into your contacts.

Scatterbrain: How many times have you had a great thought and within minutes, forgotten it? This app allows you to keep track of those random yet helpful thoughts or things you don't want to forget. This is awesome for me, because my thoughts for some of my designs come at the most random moments.

DropBox: This app allows you to transfer and save important files onto your device. You will also have the ability to save emailed attachments into your Dropbox, and email files.

JotNot Scanner Pro: If you prefer not to carry around large amounts of paper, then this app is for you. JotNot allows you to scan items into your device with clarity good enough to email or fax.
PRICE: $.99

Contract Maker Pro: This app allows you to create contracts as well as receive a live signature.
PRICE: $4.99

Some of these apps were also available on Blackberry, Droid, and more. If there are others that you think I should add, please feel free to email them to

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