Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's a WRAP: 3 Nightly Routines to Avoid Wrapping your Hair

I've always had a nice length of hair, but over time I noticed that the growth was at a standstill. I also noticed that it was becoming thin on one side. This damage was the result of wrapping my hair every single night for many many years. Six months ago I said goodbye to the wrapping and now I rotate between the following routines, which have resulted in tremendous growth.

Cross-Wrapping: Whenever I want to wear my hair straight, I cross-wrap at night. Cross-wrapping is similar to wrapping, but with less stress on your edges.

Loose Heat less Waves: I like this routine when I want loose curls the next day. I also like that you can get this look without adding heat.

Pin Curls: This has become my favorite nightly routine. The next morning my hair has body and a slight bend to it. By the end of the week it still looks fresh. It's not flat and boring like it would be with a wrap. For more curls you would pin curl smaller sections. For loose curls make bigger sections.

(Picture courtesy of This is not me, but this is what mine looks like at night)

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