Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink Sugar Dipped Manicure


I like to call this sweet and feminine manicure "Sugar Dipped" because it looks like your tips have been dipped in sugar.

1. Start with a clear base coat
2. Follow with a sheer nude color, I use China Glaze in Love Letters
3. Once that has dried, take a glitter polish and start with light strokes in the middle of your nail. Use a light stroke to create a soft edge, but use a regular heavy stroke towards the top of the nail.
4. Once partially dry, take the nude color and stoke over the middle of the nail where the glitter starts to soften the edges to look faded.
5. Repeat steps and let dry.
6. Cover with a clear top coat.

**Remember to start with light strokes to create a fade.

(left to right: OPI Teenage Dream, China Glaze Love Letters)

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