Thursday, April 7, 2011

XMAS in Spring: MAC Haul

The UPS Man comes to my home so much that he should have a key HA… My MAC box has arrived and I’m super excited. I order a lot of my cosmetics online because the lines and waiting for help can be quite an experience. Anyhoo, here is what I ordered:

(left to right) Giggly blush from the new Quite Cute line, which will be dropping TOMORROW actually, Vegas Volt Lipstick, Angel Lipstick, Gotta Dash from the new Sheen Supreme Lipstick line, and Strobe Cream.

Giggly Mineralized Blush is indeed cute and adorable. And I love the little heart in the middle, which sold me. I thought this color was going to be like Dollymix but it isn’t. It gives off a light frosty pink sheen. I will use this as a highlight over MAC’s Fleur Power, which is a matte pink. Maybe I’m a little delusional, but it looks a tad bit smaller than their regular pan. But it could also be its dome top making it look smaller.
 (left to right) Giggly, Fleur Power
I wanted a bright coral lipstick to wear for the spring/summer. So I got Vegas Volt (amplified). I love the color. It’s definitely bright and it pops.  I can’t wait to wear this with color with my mirrored Ray Bans and a cat eye.

I’m usually not a big fan of frost lipsticks. They always remind me of powdered donuts. But I decided to try Angel, which is one of their best selling shades. They say this shade is close to the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday. I’m not sold quite yet on it, but I will try it on a day when I heavily line my eyes. This shade definitely needs a gloss over it or it will look very ashen.

Gotta Dash, will easily become my favorite. It’s a bright, cute, feminine peachy color. And it’s sooo creamy. It is now SOLD OUT online, but they may still carry it in the store.
 (left to right) Vegas Volt, Angel, Gotta Dash

 (Top to Bottom) Vegas Volt, Angel, Gotta Dash

Strobe Cream! If you can’t tell by now, I’m addicted to bright skin. And no I don’t mean LIGHT skin, but BRIGHT skin. I like to look alert and vibrant. I work very long hours and I tend to look drab and tired, so I use a lot of products that will give me that vibrant look. Strobe Cream is an irredescent cream that adds a beautiful glow and some  life to the skin. I will mix this into my moisturizers and/or I will use this over a little liquid foundation and top with a powder.

I will do a look with these products and post.  Let me know if any of these will be added to your wish list.
All items can be found on (Giggly available tomorrow and Gotta Dash is sold out online)

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